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My dad went to the hospital, came home, and now he’s going back again because he’s in so much pain.

I had a ~clever anon~ comment about my weight.

And then I woke up to find I lost ten followers, lol what is going on. I don’t understand?

posted 25 Nov 2012 @ 07:55
  1. until-the-next-time said: <3 You’re awesome. Ignore the haters. I hope your dad makes it home soon (and stays there!)
  2. anathemagerminabunt said: I’m sorry. Those followers clearly don’t know what they are missing.
  3. verycleanindeed said: I hope everything is all right with your dad. :)
  4. jezzibella said: I hope everything turns out alright with your dad, dear! And eff that anon! You’re lovely! I’d know! WE’RE THE SAME.
  5. sunsetpacific said: I hope everything will be ok with your dad!!! Anon is an idiot… meh
  6. factsfictions said: *strangerhug*
  7. thetidebreaks said: Hope things get better soon bb :<
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